Coronavirus: Ashby Ivanhoe FC Warn Local Youngsters To Stop Using Their Ground As A Playing Field

  Posted: 28.03.20 at 11:24 by The Editor

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Ashby Ivanhoe FC have issued a strong warning to children playing sport at their NFU Ground in Lower Packington Road during the Coronavirus crisis.

The club have pointed out that groups of people should not be gathering for any reason at the moment.

And they say they have made police aware that this is happening.

The club says there has also been damage caused to the grass.

It is believed the group came on the pitch on one occasion after seeing that the grass had been cut.

The club believe this has happened at least twice since the advice on staying at home and social distancing during the crisis was issued by the Government.

The incident comes just days after police said they had to move a group of youths who had congregated at Hood Park Police condemn Ashby youths in Hood Park.

Ashby Ivanhoe also point out that anyone using the ground without permission is trespassing.

A statement on the club’s Facebook page was posted on Saturday morning.

It read: “We have again had problems this week where children have been coming down to the NFU Sports Ground and using our facilities to play sports without our permission!

“We would like to remind you that;

• You should not be outside playing football with your friends at this moment in time!!!!!
• You are trespassing on PRIVATE grounds
• You are damaging our facilities, with the winter we have had this is a period where the playing fields have a chance to properly recover
• The local police are aware - so please don’t be selfish and follow the Governments guidance as the sooner you do, the sooner you will be allowed to enjoy the town’s open green spaces to play football with your friends again!”

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