Hood Court Residents Form Group To Make Changes At Ashby Retirement Housing

  Posted: 02.07.20 at 15:49 by The Editor

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When the residents of Hood Court decided things had become a little too boring, they decided to liven up their golden years.

The people who lived in Ashby retirement housing got together to try and change things.

And they formed the Central Ashby Tenants Association with a view to providing entertainment, trips out and improving facilities.

The Association is also one of Ashby Co-op’s chosen causes and their money has already paid for a new communal television - and now there are plans to build a summer house in the Hood Court garden.

Sheila Ellix is the Association’s treasurer and she explained how it was formed.

“About two and half years ago, I noticed we had nothing at all apart from a couple of support officers who are very good to us,” she said.

“But there was nothing going on here, there was no interaction, hardly anything done for the people, no entertainment.

“I went to see the Council and went to see if we could get a grant to form a Tenants’ Association.

“We had a meeting and formed a committee, I was the Chair at first, I could use the internet.

“After that, we arranged trips out, we set up lunches, had people coming in to sing for us, buffet nights, Christmas parties, all sorts of things.

“It keeps people entertained because we were bored. I’d been a busy person, suddenly I wasn’t. There was an hour of bingo and the younger ones didn’t really want that.

“We wanted a bit more, had 60s dances and it was more inclusive. We tried to vary things but then the lockdown came along.”

Sheila says funding from the Co-op has made a big difference to the residents of Hood Court.

“We spent money on a 55inch TV which the people here can watch, which is a fantastic thing and the council paid for the licence,” she said.

“That’s going up on the wall as soon as we’re out of lockdown.

“And then we want to build a sunhouse in the garden so that residents can sit outside without being in the direct sunshine.”

Sheila explained how she heard about the Co-op’s local causes Ashby Co-op Community News

“I was approached by the local manager who said it’d be nice if we could have someone from Ashby apply. I applied and we’ve had £1,400 from them already.

“The Co-op has been a huge help to us and any other money can be used to bring in entertainment, if we need to social distance then people can look from the window. It’s been great fun.”

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