Chairman Of New Ashby Football Club Wants United To Integrate With Town's Community

  Posted: 07.06.20 at 17:50 by The Editor

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The chairman of a new football club in Ashby says he wants to link up with other sports in the area - as well as providing an opportunity for youngsters to play for them.

Ashby United Community Football Club was officially announced last week with an appeal for anybody who is interested in being involved to get touch with the organisers.

And chairman Murrae Blair-Park told Ashby Nub News how the club will be operating in this area next season.

“Ashby as a town is expanding, I think over the past 10 years it’s grown by 22 per cent, but there haven’t been that many new sports clubs that have started up during that time,” he said.

“One of the driving forces being the club is that they want to give that population another option.

“We one senior team but our main focus is on the junior aspect of football.

“Which is Under-16s and below. So by Ashby United being created, it’s giving more children, boys and girls, an opportunity to participate in sport in an organised way, with an element of competitiveness, which is good for character building and confidence.”

Murrae believes there is room for another football club in the town - with plans to play in Ashby.

He added: “There’s Ashby Ivanhoe, Marlborough Rovers and us.

“The population is growing every day and the plans for the expansion of the town residentially is well marked.

“There’s a lot of people moving into the town who won’t necessarily have the association of being with the other clubs, so there’s an opportunity for a new team.

“There’s plenty of room for everybody and we’re giving another aspect of the game.”

He also wants the club to link up with other sports in Ashby.

“We’d like to work closely with Ashby Rugby, Hockey and Cricket and my daughter plays for Ashby’s netball team.

“From my point of view it’s re-inforcing the fact that the town has plenty to offer.

“I want to build links across the clubs. Other football clubs might see us as some form of competition but we’re fishing in a far bigger sea now.

“I want to get as many people involved from the community as possible.”

Murrae explained how the club will be run by the people who formed it.

He said: “We have a large committee. There’s no single financial driver in the club, the income is from subscriptions and sponsorship.

“It doesn’t come down to one or two people. We’ll want to add a parents’ representatives and the officers and committee members will be up for vote every year.

“That way means there is a collective, there will be no one person who has the casting vote. We work on a majority.

"And because we're only a small group, youngsters can get to know people and build their confidence.

"The juniors will play in the Burton League and I intend to watch at least one game every weekend."

If you want to know more, email: [email protected]

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