Ashby de la Zouch Town Council Supports Motion Welcoming Demonstration Of Anti-Racist Solidarity

  Posted: 28.07.20 at 14:13 by By Ashby Nub News

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Ashby de la Zouch Town Council has supported a motion welcoming the demonstration of anti-racist solidarity shown during last month’s Black Lives Matter March in the town.

The motion was brought by Cllr Dr Barbara Kneale at the council’s first meeting in over four months on Monday night - which held ‘virtually’ over an internet link.

Cllr Kneale told the meeting: “We had a march of over 300 residents from Ashby in June, this was okayed by the police and presumably lawful in that case.

"There were no problems at that March, and I myself, liaised with the police on a regular basis throughout the day.

“I was impressed with the commitment and the awareness of our Ashby residents. I was proud with the way they behaved and projected themselves to the outside world.

“I would like to thank the organiser and feel it is time for Ashby de la Zouch Town Council to show its support and advertise its support as per our equality and diversity policy which is already in place.”

Cllr Kneale put forward a motion to the council which was: “Ashby Town Council has shown its commitment to equality, diversity and fairness, endeavouring to promote racial equality in all our activities through our Equality and Diversity policy.

“Following world events, members of the Ashby de la Zouch community demonstrated its solidarity with Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist movements both in the UK and around the world with the peaceful Ashby Against Racism march to the Bath Grounds on the 20th June, 2020.

“Ashby Town Council welcomes this demonstration of anti-racist solidarity and restates its commitment to opposing all forms of racial discrimination and injustice.”

The motion was seconded by council leader John Coxon.

“This is what the council stands for and will second Cllr Kneale’s motion,” said Cllr Coxon.

Cllr David Bigby added: “This is a subject that the Town Council should be united on.

“I think it’s fantastic the Cllr Coxon has set an example for the rest of the council to follow.

“I was very proud to be able to take part in the March on June 20th, I was so pleased that so many people from Ashby turned out to show their solidarity with our Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority community and our neighbours across Leicestershire.”

Cllr Bigby also praised the march organiser Kallum Noon, and the other young organisers, for agreeing to the suggestion a change of route, made the previous evening, to re-route the march away from the War Memorial.

“This was a wide decision and ensured that no negative incidents whatsoever were associated with the march,” he said.

Cllr Roger Bayliss added: “I understand the police were relaxed about it. It was a statement of solidarity and it does us proud to be able to support it.”

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