Ashby Marks VE Day 75... Part One: Our Pictures Sum Up A Great Day For The Town Despite Lockdown

  Posted: 09.05.20 at 01:48 by The Editor

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It was a day like no other, but the Ashby public did their very best to make it a special one.

The 75th Anniversary of VE Day was meant to be a time of celebration with people getting together to mark an historic day.

But the coronavirus pandemic meant that the Bath Grounds event was shelved.

That did not stop Ashby throwing a party at home though, with social distancing measures in place of course.

It seemed as though every street in the town had something going on - and Ashby Nub News was there to record it.

We are featuring some of the scenes from the day - and the days leading up to Friday - in a special series of stories which we are publishing online.

The party was in full swing in Hill Street on Friday

From accordion players to speakers playing 40s music to people blocking off part of their own road for a safety-first street party.

Here are some of the pictures that summed up the day.

Don’t see your party on this or any of our other VE Day stories? Then mail us your photos to [email protected] and we will get them onto the Ashby Nub News site.

It was not just Ashby that had all the fun of course, over in Coalville, somebody dyed their dog red, white and blue How Reggie the dog turned red, white and blue for VE Day 75

And nationwide, other towns were marking the occasion despite the lockdown.

This house in Burton Road showed its true colours

The BBC website reported on the Queen’s Speech at 9pm on Friday and said it was a ‘poignant address’ praising Britain's response to the coronavirus epidemic that has filled empty streets with “love".

In the broadcast, she said: "Today it may seem hard that we cannot mark this special anniversary as we would wish.

"Instead we remember from our homes and from our doorsteps."
It aired exactly 75 years on from her father King George VI's address at the end of the Second World War in Europe.

Thanking the wartime generation, the Queen, 94, said: "They risked all so our families and neighbourhoods could be safe."

"We should and will remember them."

This couple in Willesley Gardens had their house decked out for the day

Victory in Europe (VE) Day marks the day in 1945 when Britain and its allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, bringing the war in Europe to an end.

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Ashby’s Mayor Graham Allman has written a tribute to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day - with the town’s Bath Grounds celebrations cancelled due...